Welcome to Every Read Thing (not Everything Read or Read Everything). I’m an avid reader and this here blog is my outlet of choice to talk about the books I’ve read.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/EveryReadThing

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/everyreadthing

If you feel the need to explore my personal life (why?), you can do so at the following locations:

@brandonsears on Twitter.
@thebranimal on Instagram.

You can also find me over at POST Wrestling reviewing the odd wrestling book.

I’ve also written a few stories. Check out where I’ve been published!

My preferred genres are crime fiction (noir is my absolute favorite), thrillers and mysteries. I also enjoy science fiction, comics and non-fiction of all types (science/memoirs/history/sports).

If you want me to read your book, interested in writing a guest post or would like to be interviewed – drop me a line at everyreadthing [at] gmail [dotcom].
Reading Devices:

Amazon Kindle Oasis (10th Gen – 2019)
Google Pixel 5
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2020)

..I also like real books.

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