Freakangels Vol. 2

Warren Ellis’ FreakAngels Vol. 2

So, now that we’ve established all that origin stuff in the first volume (aside from what the FreakAngels actually did to destroy the world), we get a volume packed with all kinds of action and developments. 

As the FreakAngels identify their potential through teleportation powers, they begin to focus on fortification and the expansion of Whitechapel. The discovery of a settlement filled with homeless, sick and suffering citizens leads the FreakAngels to make an important decision. Given that these people belong to the camp that recently attacked the secret “freak-cave”, can they trust them? 

While not eclipsing the quality of Volume 1, Ellis continues this excellent story with events that strengthen the series. Making strides in the right direction, Ellis keeps us all interested with the discovery of new powers, the influx of new citizens and the development of already strong characters. 

Also, how can you fault something with this dialogue?

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