Freakangels Vol. 5

Warren Ellis’ Freakangels Vol. 5

Almost at the end of this series with only one book left to plow through.

So a lot happens in this volume. A lot. The Freakangels not only discover new powers as well as enhancements of existing ones but a major ability is revealed. Getting this far into the series, it’s almost impossible to talk about anything without giving away spoilers so you can understand that these reviews are proving difficult.

I will say that if you’re just starting out on this story, it’s worth sticking through as it shows no signs of weakening.

Some great overall stuff here from both Duffield and Ellis. You can really see Duffield’s progression as an artist over these 5 books with some jaw dropping panels and splash pages. Ellis writes a pretty rousing speech from Luke that blows away a lot of his previous scenes.

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