Night Frost

Wingfield’s Night Frost

All hell has broken loose within the Denton Police Department as a flu epidemic rips through the staff. A few dedicated employees, who at this point would much rather be sick, are stuck working double and sometimes triple shifts! As that old cliche goes, “Crime Never Sleeps” and Detective Frost, coupled with his colleques, are stretched to their limits.

Partnered with Gilmore, a recently transferred detective, Frost is charged with the task of solving various crimes involving suicide, porno tapes, poisen pen letters and robberies. Not only that, but he has the always watchful Super Intendant Mullet keeping track of his every move.

At this point, I have no idea how Mullet and Frost can work together. I can only imagine that Mullet is hoping for a screw up on the part of Frost that is so monumental, he can finally fire him. I’m sure the only reason they tolerate each other is due in part to Frost’s impeccable skills seeing as he’s a massive pain in the ass.

Frost’s sidekick of the week, Gilmore, isn’t harping as much on Frost like the last one – well, at least not right away anyway. Unfortunately for Gilmore, his attention is focused on his deterorating marriage. Prior to moving to Denton, he had promised his wife a far less hectic work schedule which would in turn open up some personal time together. He did not expect a skeleton staff created by illness or a partner like Frost who lives for his job, rarely spending any time away from the station.

I enjoyed this entry in the Frost series but not as much as the first two. I think the crimes perpetrated in the pervious books were a little more interesting than what was presented here. The writing was up to par but I found myself more or less bored throughout and that knocked a few stars off. I guess that was why it took me over a month to finish it!

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