Fatale: Death Chases Me

Brubaker & Phillips’ Fatale

But what good was it loving someone so perfect when you were watching yourself crumble to dust every morning in the mirror?

The reigning comic book world tag team champions of the world return for another round of awesome with a new series!  This time around, Brubaker and Phillips are weaving together two genres, noir and Sci-Fi.  I read a blurb that described it as James Cain meets H.P. Lovecraft – Lovecraft being represented by weird squid creatures.

In Fatale, Nicolas attends the funeral of his Godfather, an author who in his later years, became a notorious shut-in.  Following the funeral, Nicolas meets Jo, a mysterious and stunning woman who after some time, saves his life.  As the novel continues we’re shown that Jo isn’t just a pretty face but a woman who has been embroiled in a heated conflict with a couple of tough customers stretching as far back as the 1950s.

I can’t get enough of these guys working together.  For those of you that remember, one of the finest episodes of The Simpsons involved the introduction of Poochie, a 3rd character in the Itchy & Scratchy universe.  When the show initially tanks, Homer comes up with several solutions on how to improve the product.  One of which is whenever Poochie isn’t on screen, all the characters should ask, “Where’s Poochie?”  Whenever I haven’t read anything by Brubaker and Phillips in quite some time, I often find myself asking, “Where’s Ed and Sean?”

A Kung Fu Hippy From Gangsta City.

The difference between the insertion of Poochie and the many Brubaker/Phillips collaborations is that rather than confuse audiences and bring down the product, Ed and Sean are revolutionizing their field, crime comics.  Whether it’s bringing down the house with their Criminal series or testing new grounds with Sleeper and Incognito, I truly believe they embody the best partnership in comics today.

Oh, if that opening line wasn’t enough to wet your whistle;

“Hank had gotten too drunk. But missing her hurt…in his body and his mind. So he poured alcohol on the wounds.”

*I can’t believe I referenced Poochie.

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