The Sins of the Fathers

Block’s The Sins of the Fathers

**Review originally written in August, 2011.**

I needed a hole to fill the VOID left by my consumption of the John Connolly Charlie Parker series. Luckily, Connolly has a new book coming out in September, The Burning Soul. Until then, I needed a detective series of substance. A character so cool, so awesome, that I could branch out from Charlie Parker into another series. I’ve actually had this book on my to-read list for several months now. I have no idea what took me so long to pick it up. 

This is classic.. no wait, VINTAGE detective writing. Scudder is my type of character. He drinks a lot, he’s suffering from self inflicted guilt and he has little patience for the public. This is a guy who has lived through a freak accident which in turn caused him to alienate his wife in asking for a divorce, distancing himself from his kids and quitting the force. He takes on cases which he identifies as “favors” for cash, which he identifies as “gifts”. Sure, he tosses a couple of bucks to charity every now and then but he’s pretty much a loner. He’s like a hooker with a heart of gold. Did I just say that?

Man, I’m really excited to dive into this series and really sink my teeth in. I devoured this is one day, which, for me (at least lately)is equivalent to the speed of light. I basically broke the sound barrier reading this thing I loved it that much. I actually picked up the second installment today and I intend to start on that ASAP.

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