Y: The Last Man – Safeword

Y: The Last Man Vol. 4

As Yorick, 355 and Dr. Mann continue on their trip to California, Vol. 4 has the most character development and immediate danger yet! Vaughn totally takes it in a completely chaotic direction; to quote one of my favorite hockey play-by-play men, Bob Cole, “Everything is happening!”

Yorick really steps it up in this collection and begins to realize that he’s destined for much greater than he can grasp. I mean, it takes an awful lot for him to come to that conclusion (and it’s in the craziest way possible) but it happens nonetheless.

We’re also thrust into a movement involving a rouge militant group The Sons Of Arizona; a collection of women sworn to protect the state of Arizona. Blaming the US government for the plague, they withdrew from the union (in their own minds, mind you) and pledged to protect the state from any outsiders. Playing an integral part in several character changes, The Sons of Arizona are ruthless in their treatment of 355 and Dr. Mann which leads to an event that changes Yorick forever.

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