Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War

Wade Wilson's War

Wade Wilson’s War

I’ve always been interested in Deadpool but as with most comic book characters I’ve not read, I didn’t know where to start. I first encountered the character a few years ago when Marvel attempted to bring Deadpool to the silver screen casting Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine: Origins. Most people felt that this was a perfect choice as Reynolds is known for his sarcastic delivery which fit the character perfectly – plus, he’s a fan. I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how badly they would screw it up.

In 2009, Marvel launched a new imprint entitled, Marvel Knights. Knights was going to be responsible for releasing stories that were described as “outside the box” and would challenge the reader’s views of their favorite Marvel heroes. Having worked on several Marvel books in the past, Duane Swierczynski was tasked with writing a 4 issue Deadpool mini-series.

Following a bloody massacre in Mexico, Deadpool is forced to sit in front of his superiors and explain his role in the whole ordeal. While doing so, The Merc With A Mouth gives us a glimpse into his origins, his first mission and just why he refuses to show his face.

For my first Deadpool experience, I felt this was a pretty decent effort. You’ve got his trademark wit, his dark humor and the consistent breaking of the fourth wall (Deadpool is known for blatantly acknowledging he’s in a comic book). I kind of expected the odd chuckle but didn’t realize just how damn funny this character is. Kudos to Swierczynski for bringing that humor out.

Other than the Wolverine book I read a few months back, this is the most violent Marvel book I’ve read. That’s not a complaint, I can’t imagine Deadpool not surrounding himself with a good amount of bloodshed. I mean, what do you expect from a superhero that carries pistols, a couple of swords and is a contracted mercenary? Lots and lots of death.

I guess the only real issue I had about the book was the artwork. Granted, it’s not all bad but I think I’ve had my fill of women with unrealistic busts. It’s hard to really blame the artist for what appears to be an industry standard but it comes across as distracting and a little unnecessary.

I’m certainly not finished with Deadpool yet. There’s a lot more out there and I intend to start tracking it down. I’m not so sure if this is the best place to start but it’s worth checking out.

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