Fair Re-Re Tale Theatre

Fair Re-Re Tale Theater

Fair Re-Re Tale Theater

Tell ‘Em Steve Dave is a weekly podcast available on Kevin Smith’s podcast network, SModcast.  The show features Comic Book Men’s Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan accompanied by Impractical Jokers’ Brian Quinn.  One of their regular sponsors is the Amazon service, Audible.  In an effort to further establish a working relationship between the two, Bry, Walt and Q decided to create their own audiobook, the goal being that their fans would sign up for the 30 day free trial and snag a copy of the book free of charge.

Rather than write an original story, the boys sat down along with their good buddy (and Secret Stash co-worker) Sunday Jeff and read some classic fairy tales.  The end result is a selection of stories with a running commentary on how ridiculous they are.

Being a big fan of the podcast, I’ll jump at the chance to support the guys in any way I can.  I’ve bought the yearly Christmas pod (which hits bandcamp every Black Friday), ordered the upcoming series run of Johnson and Flanagan’s new comic Cryptozoic Man and nearly saw them live earlier this year before Kevin Smith pulled his SModcast SMorgy spectacular in Halifax out from under me.

Seeing as I’m already an Audible user and noticed I had a few free credits lying around, I jumped at the chance to get this.  Otherwise, the price tag of $6.95 isn’t very steep and should be well within most’s budget.

However, what you’re basically getting here is another podcast – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  While they do read some classic fairy tales, their banter in between – and during –  the stories takes up the bulk of the run time.  I’m not sure how this will play for someone who’s not familiar with their weekly exploits but then again it worked for me.  Their interpretations were funny and their back and forth insults had me laughing.

It’s certainly something you should check into grabbing if you’re a fan of the podcast, otherwise, I’m not sure if there’s much here for you.  Do yourself a favor and catch up on their podcast first.. or watch Comic Book Men.

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