One Kick


One Kick by Chelsea Cain

One Kick by Chelsea Cain

As a child, Kit “Kick” Lanigan was abducted in broad daylight.  Missing for nearly six years, an intensive FBI investigation led to her recovery.  Ten years later, at age twenty-one, One Kick follows Lanigan as she struggles with PTSD, dodges reporters who are desperate for updates while distancing herself from her fame-hungry mother.  When not firing her Glock or learning a new self-defense discipline, Kick keeps her ear to the ground regarding recent abductions, struggling to find a way to help.

Everything changes when a mysterious man named “Bishop” shows up at her door asking for her help.  He’s with a group that works to recover missing children and asks for Kick’s assistance.  Can Kick lend a hand and help locate two missing children or will her past get in the way?

I received a review copy from Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review.

The character of Kit Lanigan is a memorable one and her struggle to maintain somewhat of a normal life following her abduction felt very realistic.  In a world where news coverage is literally twenty four-seven, reporters are always desperate for content so when an event like Kit’s rescue captures the hearts and minds of America, it’s only natural that the public are going to want follow-up stories; whether Kit likes it or not.  It certainly doesn’t help matters that her mother clings to her daughter’s relevance in the same vein as a Dina or Michael Lohan, always trying to parade her daughter into the public eye.

While Bishop and Kit work well together – Kit’s intimate knowledge of the type of person they’re hunting is invaluable – I always felt that Kit played second fiddle to Bishop far too often.  I get that she’s less experienced than she thinks she is when it comes to tracking criminals but it seemed like Bishop was picking up the pieces more than he should have to.

This was my first Chelsea Cain experience and while I wasn’t blown away, I did enjoy myself.  I’d be interested in seeing where the series goes from here and whether or not Kit can evolve into a true kick-ass heroine.

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