The Wraith

The Wraith by Joe Hill

The Wraith by Joe Hill

Three jailbirds are being transferred when an escape plan goes horribly wrong.  With nowhere left to turn, one of the escapees decides to call in a favor and request the assistance of one Charlie Manx.  Manx has a talent for making folks disappear so he offers a solution to their problem – only they may not like where he takes them.

The Wraith is a great companion piece to Hill’s 2013 novel, NOS4A2 and expands on what is already a compelling character in Charlie Manx.  With The Wraith, Hill delves into Manx’s history, detailing what drove him to become the man he is, the origin of Christmasland while establishing a face to the holly, jolly land of terror.


The artistic style of Charles Paul Wilson was very reminiscent of Hill’s long time collaborative partner Gabriel Rodriguez (which of course, is a good thing) – with whom Hill worked with on the critically acclaimed series Locke & Key.  Wilson thanks Rodriguez within the acknowledgements so it’s possible he played a hand in the style chosen.

If you liked Hill’s NOS4A2, The Wraith is not to be missed.  What could’ve easily been a by-the-numbers expansion of the original material feels like a fresh, interesting story from an author who clearly wasn’t done with his creation.

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