The Fade Out (Issue #1)

The Fade Out #1 - Brubaker/Phillips

The Fade Out #1 – Brubaker/Phillips

Buying and reviewing single issues of comic books isn’t something I normally do (I think Locke & Key has been the only exception).  I’m the kind of reader that would prefer to wait until the trade paperback is released and read it all in one shot.  However, seeing as I have the opportunity to get in the ground floor of a Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips project, why not give it a go?

The dynamic duo of noir return with The Fade Out, a story about murder most foul in post-war America.  This time around, the creative crew have taken on a research assistant in an effort to make this tale as historically accurate as possible as well as an editor (a first for the collaboration in nearly a decade) to assist in smoothing out any bumps along the road.  For a team as talented and ambitious as Brubaker and Phillips, this can only be good news.


With Phillips’ perfect penciling and Brubaker’s grim and gritty storytelling, The Fade Out could prove to be their most polished and remembered work yet.

Issue one blew me away, bring on issue two!

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