Hawkeye: Little Hits

Hawkeye: Little Hits by Matt Fraction

Hawkeye: Little Hits by Matt Fraction

As great as Matt Fraction’s work on Hawkeye has been so far, I can’t help but feel this was all a part of a plan to have the character’s name changed to “Hawkguy”, which I’m 100% in support of.

Oh, and to also introduce Pizza Dog as the next Avenger.

At the urging of Spider-man and Wolverine, Clint Barton (a.k.a Hawkeye/Hawkguy) decides to take some time to himself over the holidays to repair his battle-damaged personal life.  Unfortunately, when you’re an Avenger, time off is more of an abstract concept than a real option.  It isn’t long before he’s tangled up with a gun-toting, tracksuit-wearing mob with a penchant for using the word “bro”.



While Fraction has been doing some excellent work with Marvel’s often overlooked Avenger, I feel the real star here is David Aja.  Aja’s work isn’t flashy, it’s not over the top, it’s almost minimalist in a way.  He’s not trying to wow audiences with loud colours or inventive two page spreads; he’s dialing it back to a point where it’s refreshing.  Now, if I could only get my hands on some prints..

Little Hits is another strong entry into Fraction’s acclaimed Hawkeye series.  If you haven’t been reading this, you’re missing out.

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