Ms. Marvel: No Normal

Ms. Marvel: No Normal

Ms. Marvel: No Normal

A teenager who longs for freedom from her overbearing parents finds herself inheriting powers from the mysterious Terrigen Mist that spreads throughout Jersey City.

The new iteration of Ms. Marvel centres around Pakistani-American Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim character to headline her own series.  That being said, series’ author G. Willow Wilson isn’t about to take this ground breaking character and put her ethnicity and religion on front street.  Sure, it helps flesh out who she is but it isn’t all she is, which is incredibly important to the development of the series and the character.  Kamala’s relationship with her faith is similar to that of Daredevil’s relationship with Catholicism – it adds a lot but it’s only a small piece of a bigger puzzle.

I thought this was a great coming of age story that somewhat mirrored a young Peter Parker.  With Ms. Marvel, Wilson has crafted a comic filled with rich, diverse, funny characters.  It feels fresh and new, which is certainly welcome with me.

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