Number Two


Jay Onrait’s Number Two: More Short Tales from a Very Tall Man.

Picking up where he left off with 2013’s Anchorboy, Onrait brings us the aptly titled Number Two, a book with more essays about bathroom misadventures, travelling to an Olympics host city and the wonders of being a Canadian ex-pat living in the U.S.

Did anyone ask to hear about Jay’s masturbation stories (the very first line in the book is a funny one)?  How about his violent diarrhea?  Probably not.  However, Jay had me laughing out loud as he recounted his several mad dashes to the bathroom as he tried his absolute hardest not to defecate all over himself.  It goes to show you’re never too old to appreciate toilet humour.

If you were a fan of his first book, a regular listener of Jay’s podcast with Dan O’Toole, or love watching old clips of the duo from their TSN days, you’ll enjoy Number Two.  There’s some great stuff in here about Jay’s turbulent book tour for Anchorboy (bumped off programming for Rob Ford’s crack cocaine confession) as well as his and Dan’s bizarre trip to Sochi in 2014 that will leave you chuckling.

There’s no sign of slowing down on Onrait’s part and if he decides to pen a third, I’ll welcome it gladly.  Number Two is the perfect book to enjoy in small doses, probably while on the can.

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