The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower by Stephen King

Stephen King’s Dark Tower saga comes to a conclusion with the seventh (or eighth if you’re counting “The Wind Through the Keyhole”) and final novel appropriately titled, “The Dark Tower”. In the series’ finale, Roland and his ka-tet draw ever closer to their destiny as the Tower is finally within reach, however, death and destruction lie ahead. Can Roland reach his ultimate destination without paying a heavy price?

It took King nearly twenty-two years to finish the series (from the publication of The Gunslinger) and in the end, he did not disappoint. King ran me through an emotional wringer in deciding to push Roland and his Ka-Tet to their absolute limit both mentally and physically. There’s so much loss in the finale that the weight of the novel cannot be measured in mass alone.

That being said, it’s really difficult for me to review this without heading into spoiler territory as all I really want to do is talk about the ending. It is the opinion of many of his fans that King often struggles with endings (he even says as much in the afterword). However, when he does get it right, he nails it – as is the case with The Dark Tower. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting end to the series despite some of the anti-climactic deaths on the antagonist side of things. I also would have likely trimmed some of the fat from the last 200 pages or so – there are points where it feels unnecessarily bloated. Then again, it wouldn’t be a King novel if Uncle Stevie wasn’t a little long-winded at times.

King’s magnum opus is not to be taken lightly. In total (including Wind Through The Keyhole), there are a staggering 4,250 pages when all is said and done. It has action, adventure, emotional depth and its own mythology. It connects many of King’s other novels into what many have dubbed “King’s Dominion” – it is what I feel to be the heart and soul of his life’s work. It is most assuredly worth your investment as a constant reader and I look forward to the day that I will once again set upon the journey to the Tower.

If interested – check out my Goodreads review for my spoilerific comments.

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