Kill or Be Killed Volume 2

Kill or Be Killed Vol. 2 – Ed Brubaker

Dylan seemed to be getting a grip on this masked vigilante thing before a hit-gone-wrong puts him on the radar of the NYPD.  With Dylan’s face (albeit masked) plastered all over New York City and the cops stepping up security, it becomes a lot more difficult for him to do his job.

To make matters worse, an ill-advised attack on the Russian mob in the prior issue adds another level of stress he must continue to deal with.  Can Dylan continue to meet his monthly quota or will he give up and suffer the consequences of his demonic puppet master?

The second volume of Kill or Be Killed is just as good as the first.  This one raises the stakes and focuses on the results of Dylan’s actions on both sides of the law.  Vigilantes will likely think that they’re doing good work in helping to clean up the streets, but it puts an undesirable spotlight on the police and a broken system where “bad guys” often get away with it.  With Dylan having no choice but to continue to do what he’s doing to remain above ground, being a target of both the police and the Russian mob isn’t about to make things easier.

As always, the artwork and colouring is on point. There are a few gruesome scenes in this collection that more than deliver.  I look forward to continuing to read this series. On to book number 3!

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