Clown in a Cornfield

Clown in a Cornfield – Adam Cesare

Quinn Maybrook and her father just moved from Philadelphia to Kettle Springs, Missouri.  While Kettle Springs has your typical small town feel, there is something sinister brewing beneath the surface.  Frustrated with the actions of the town’s youth, the town’s elders are locked in a philosophical battle as to what Kettle Springs should represent in 2020.   On the verge of becoming a ghost town, the older population of Kettle Springs wants to turn back the clock and “Make Kettle Springs Great Again” – but at what cost?

Clown in a Cornfield is like a classic slasher movie that would have been perfectly at home in the late 90s on a shelf at a Blockbuster Video next to Scream.  While reading this felt like going back in time to the days when my friends and I would rent horror movies and order pizzas, it is absolutely contemporary by taking inspiration from the current political situation in the United States and turning it up to eleven (if you can believe the political rhetoric can even be heightened at this point).

I don’t read a lot of YA to be honest so I don’t even know what parameters a YA book has to hit to be considered YA.  Don’t let the YA name dissuade you from checking this one out.  There’s gallons of blood and gore between the covers here.  I was actually shocked at how messy this one got as there are some pretty graphic deaths.  Honestly, this was a perfect book to finish off Spooktober with.

On another note, I will say that this book made me feel old.  I guess that’s a testament to how accurate the author is when writing teens in 2020.  If you’re in high school in 2020, you’re at most seventeen or eighteen years old, so of course 2007 would feel like it was ages ago when it actually feels like yesterday to me.  These kids wouldn’t have even been born when I finished high school!

Clown in a Cornfield is a really fun Halloween read.  If you’re looking for something to read over the next two days to bring about the end of spooky season, you can’t go wrong with this slasher.

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