The Spellmans Strike Again

The Spellmans Strike Again (Spellman #4) – Lisa Lutz

Following the conclusion of Revenge of The Spellmans, Izzy is on track to take over the family business but it won’t be an easy transition.  While change is on the horizon, the family is more the same than ever.  The “parental unit” is acting predictably strange in kicking everyone out of the home on Wednesdays.  Does it have anything to do with missing fixtures?  Izzy is also worried that a mysterious woman has been visiting her brother on the regular, so you know her mother will need to know why.  There’s no trust here and everyone suspects everyone else of doing something nefarious.  When it comes to the Spellman clan, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The events in The Spellmans Strike Again are the most important since the beginning of the series.  Many of the characters here experience tremendous growth and change by the time the last page is turned albeit they’ll get there kicking and screaming.  Even Rae sees some personal change and maturity – surprisingly.

Given that she’s the narrator, Izzy gets the lion’s share of the focus here and realistically, she’s the one that needs it the most.  Over the past four books, Izzy has become one of my favorite characters I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with.  She’s witty, unintentionally charming and endlessly interesting.  I could read dozens of books with her as the lead and it’s sad to think that this series stops at book six (to date).  Her back and forth banter with Morty is an especially integral part of this novel and one that had me near tears at the end.  But it isn’t all sadness – Izzy’s actions during a series of pre-planned dates set up by her mother with a seemingly never ending parade of lawyers had me laughing out loud.

Lisa Lutz continues to craft an increasingly enjoyable and easily digestible series that now sits snugly in my holster ready when someone asks me for a book recommendation.

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