Two Trees Make A Forest

Two Trees Make A Forest – Jessica J. Lee

Eager to learn more about her grandparents and where they came from, author Jessica J. Lee embarks on a trip to Taiwan to explore the island’s landscape and cultural history.

This isn’t going to be a long review.

Normally, I love a good travel/adventure book, but Lee’s look at the geographical history of Taiwan left me wanting.  I found the information about the relatively young island’s peaks and valleys, the flora and the fauna, and its cultural evolution endlessly dull.  For me, there just wasn’t anything that I could sink my teeth into.  I would find my eyes glossing over leaving me to re-read full pages when my mind decided it was time to go for a stroll somewhere outside my attention span.

As for her family’s personal history, I did find parts of that interesting.  But they seemed infrequent.  Just as I would become invested in her grandparents’ struggles, we’d be back to learning about plants.

I really don’t enjoy giving negative reviews (if you’re a reader of my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed this), but Two Trees Make A Forest just didn’t really do enough for me to warrant a positive one.

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