Care Of

Care Of – Ivan Coyote

The COVID-19 pandemic changed all our lives.  For many of us, we had more free time than ever as we became secluded in our homes for months on end.  Unable to tour, writer and storyteller Ivan Coyote took their newfound free time to sit down and answer correspondence they’ve received from people over the years.  CARE OF is a collection of those letters complete with Ivan’s responses.

It’s hard to review this one, if I’m being honest.  I wrote, deleted and re-wrote it a handful of times.  What is there to critique here?  This is raw human interaction.  Ivan does their best to answer some difficult questions about the perils of coming out to family and friends, about shattered relationships, and the complications that go hand-in-hand with navigating life as a non-binary or trans individual.

This isn’t a particularly long book but Ivan is such an engaging writer that it was easy for me to finish it on a sunny afternoon on my balcony.  Like many of Ivan’s books I’ve read, this is an easy recommendation.

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