Year Book

YEAR BOOK – Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen’s new (and first) book, Year Book, is not so much a memoir, but a collection of wildly entertaining stories that stretch from his childhood all the way to present day.

I elected to go the audiobook route with this one after hearing the book was performed by a full cast.  I honestly cannot imagine getting nearly as much enjoyment out of the book if I didn’t have Seth and his friends in my earbuds.

YEAR BOOK is insanely funny and endlessly entertaining.  In fact, some of the stories in here had me crying from laughing.  There are stories about his time as a teen navigating the world of drug use and dating, fascinating stories about his eccentric father, and of course, stories about his career in movies and television – the mind-boggling process of releasing 2014’s The Interview is a standout.

In a world where seemingly everyone in Hollywood has a ridiculous Nicolas Cage story, Seth has one of the best ones.  He also tells a hilarious story about dropping acid at Joshua Tree (“look at the size of this letter opener”) and one about overdosing on mushrooms in Amsterdam in the late 90s.

Not only is YEAR BOOK likely to end up on my year-end list, it is one of my favorite experiences with an audiobook to date.

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