A Few Christmas Reads

Looking for something to read now that the Christmas season has us fully in its grasp? Well, look no further! I’ve got a list of seasonal stories for you.

Frost At Christmas (1984)

Now, it’s been about a decade since I’ve read this one. My fiancee is a huge fan of R.D. Wingfield’s Inspector Jack Frost series and is solely responsible for introducing me to the curmudgeonly crime solver. In Frost at Christmas, Jack is tasked with tracking down an eight year old girl who went missing following a Sunday school class. Can the Inspector track her down or will a series of mishaps evade her discovery?

Easy Death (2014)

A rare Christmassy release from the folks at Hard Case Crime! Author Daniel Boyd has two hired goons try and knock over an armored truck during the holidays. The biggest problem? A snow storm threatens to put a halt to the holiday heist.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (1938)

It’s Christmas Eve and the Lee Family are gathered to celebrate the holidays. That all changes when the patriarch of the family is found dead during the course of festivities. Who did it? Was it even murder? Christie’s persistent Poirot arrives to poke holes in the alibis of the seemingly concerned family.

A Fatal Grace (2006)

The second book in Louise Penny’s critically acclaimed Gamache series, A Fatal Grace follows the murder of town villain CC de Poitiers during the annual Boxing Day curling tournament in Three Pines, Quebec. With a laundry list of detractors, uncovering the guilty party proves difficult for Inspector Gamache. However, Gamache is not afraid to look behind locked doors and dark rooms to find the answers.

Batman: Noel (2011)

Mirroring the plot of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, author Lee Bermejo flips the script and puts Batman in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge as he doggedly pursues The Joker at the expense of a Bob Cratchit-type. Not only is the story engrossing, but the art is gorgeous.

NOS402 (2013)

While this one technically doesn’t take place during the holidays per se, it does involve a mystical land known as Christmastown. Run by the evil Charlie Manx, he lures children into his idyllic holiday home with the goal of stealing their youth to stay alive. Not exactly a story that will give you the warm-and-fuzzies.

Mr. Timothy (2002)

An unofficial “sequel” to Charles Dickens Christmas classic finds an all-grown-up Tiny Tim working and living in whore houses while dodging the well-meaning antics of his benevolent Uncle Scrooge. Someone has begun killing prostitutes and given the trust Tim has built up with the ladies of the night, he takes it upon himself to uncover the person responsible.

A Christmas Carol (1843)

I don’t need to tell you what this one is about, do I? I wanted to make special mention of a specific audiobook – if you haven’t read Dickens’ novel or if you’re looking to re-read this holiday staple, please seek out Patrick Stewart’s incredible narration of this classic.

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