Friend of the Devil (Reckless #2)

Friend of the Devil – Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips

When a woman whom Ethan is seeing asks for his help in tracking down her missing sister, he finds himself mixed up with skinheads, satanic-panic films, and a whole hell of a lot of bloodshed.

It’s no surprise to see me here singing the praises of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips yet again, but this one was a real treat.  Building on the groundwork of the first graphic novel, Brubaker and Phillips present an extraordinary story with more twists and turns than a mountain highway slicked with black ice.

Ethan seems more confident this time around and while he seems to just barely escape much of the violence thrown his way, it’s clear he’s getting used to being lied to, double crossed and thrown around like a sack of potatoes.

Not that this is a long book, but I read it in one sitting, which isn’t the usual route for me.  Friend of the Devil had me gripped from beginning to end.

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