The Thursday Murder Club

The Thursday Murder Club (Thursday Murder Club #1) – Richard Osman

The Thursday Murder Club follows.. well, The Thursday Murder Club – a group of septuagenarian amateur sleuths who meet up every Thursday in their retirement community to investigate cold cases. But what happens when the group has the opportunity to investigate a live case? Will they offer more harm than help?

After hearing about this book for two years, I’m finally getting around to it. I’m actually surprised it took me so long considering how much I enjoy Richard Osman whenever he appears on any one of the various UK panel shows I consume on a weekly basis. Maybe it’s my baseless aversion to cozy mysteries that kept me away from this one? That being said, I’m glad I picked this up as it was certainly enjoyable.

While obviously the mystery is important, The Thursday Murder Club is primarily a character-driven story featuring an ensemble cast. I very much enjoyed the back and forth between each member of the club, especially when members Ibrahim and Ron argued back and forth on whether or not they themselves should be considered suspects in the murder. I was laughing out loud!

The driving force behind the club itself is Elizabeth, a former intelligence agent, who is trying to solve cold cases on behalf of her friend Penny, a retired police detective who also co-founded the club. Elizabeth is deceptively quick witted and often relies on misconceptions about her age to get around obstacles and get in the good graces of a current member of the police force. I found her to be endlessly charming and entertaining and was my favorite member of the crew.

I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series (which I have on deck) before the third hits shelves in September. While I usually like my crime fiction and mystery novels to be on the darker side, this was a great break from the bleak stories I normally read.

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