Crazy Is My Superpower

Crazy Is My Superpower – AJ Mendez Brooks

CRAZY IS MY SUPERPOWER is the memoir of retired professional wrestler April “AJ LEE” Mendez-Brooks.

I want to say straight off the bat that if you’re expecting a comprehensive look at AJ’s in-ring career, you’re not going to get that here. Although AJ’s time as a wrestler was relatively short (2007-2015), she does not spend the majority of the book going over the ins-and-outs of her time in the squared circle. Instead, AJ focuses on her early life and all the twists and turns that led to WWE.

Although I expected a wrestling book first and foremost, I cannot say enough about her resilience, determination and never-say-die attitude. Just how she was able to reach the heights that she did given her upbringing is absolutely mind-blowing. As a child, AJ had a completely chaotic home-life often having to go from apartment to apartment when rent money could not be found. If not an apartment, the family of five would end up in dingy motels and hotels and even resorted to sleeping in the family car. If that wasn’t bad enough, her parents struggled with drug addiction and her mother would eventually be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, an explanation for her abusive behavior throughout AJ’s youth.

Once we get to her days as a member of the WWE roster, things get a bit dicey. While there were some fun moments expanded upon during her days working with her best friend Celeste Bonin (aka Kaitlyn) and her blossoming relationship with current husband and fellow pro wrestler CM Punk, things feel really rushed and unfocused.

AJ Lee’s story is an empowering and inspiring one. We all have hard times in our lives and sometimes it helps to read about someone who has struggled, beaten the odds and come out on top.


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