Fabric of the Game

In FABRIC OF THE GAME, Chris Creamer and Todd Radom provide a brief overview of each NHL team as well as how they came to their name and the evolution of their on-ice look.

As a self-proclaimed jersey and sports logo geek, I jumped at the chance to grab this when I discovered it.  FABRIC OF THE GAME contains a sizeable amount of both hockey history and trivia (the Pittsburgh Penguins once considering the name “The Pussycats” had me laughing out loud) that would satisfy both hardcore and casual fans alike.

Want to know the alternate names considered for just about every NHL franchise?  This book has you covered.  Want to know what went into selecting club colors and logos?  It’s all here.  What about alternate names and the results of “name the team” letter writing campaigns (it seems like almost every franchise considered “The Blades” – a name that has never come to fruition). You got it.

The only thing it doesn’t have are enough photos.  Even if they are only subtle differences, each team has a rich history of uniforms that have been either tweaked or outright redesigned over the years and while the pictures contained within are great, there simply aren’t enough of them.

I can’t say I was disappointed overall, despite my complaint above, as the authors worked hard to uncover a treasure trove of information here.  This is very much a coffee table book and not one most people will sit down and read from cover to cover (well, maybe except me), so be prepared if you do decide to do that, that some of the subject matter may wash over you as each team section is very much laid out the same.

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