Batman: Knightfall, Volume 3: Knight’s End

Knightfall: Knight’s End

I was really letdown by how this series finished up. Don’t get me wrong, where they went with this story made a lot of sense as it was the most logical conclusion. Of course Batman was going to return to prominence and confront Azrael, it was what they had been setting up all along. It just felt flat and uninspired.

Bruce’s training in the beginning was interesting to say the least, not sure why he would train under the guidance of someone who is a known assassin and murderer but in the end, he did it in his own way. The further involvment of Nightwing was a welcomed addition (despite the gross mullet), I’ve always liked the character and I’m interested in reading some of his stand alone stuff.

All in all, a pretty average arc. A strong beginning with a steady middle and an “ok” ending. Pretty sure Christopher Nolan brought us the definitive Bane story with The Dark Knight Rises, which was of course, inspired by this series. He took the awesome parts from the first volume and I think, improved upon the story overall.

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