The Stand: American Nightmares

The Stand: American Nightmares

Picking up where part one left off, American Nightmares further showcases the already established characters dealing with the aftermath of Captain Trips while still introducing new players in the story.

Stu Redman contemplates escape from the CDC while Larry Underwood meets up with another woman as they begin their slow trek out of New York City. We’re also thrust back into the life of Frannie Goldsmith as she meets up with Harold Lauder, a childhood friend and next door neighbor. Frannie and Harold decide to head to Vermont and the CDC, trying to find answers to the horrific disease ravaging mankind.

Oh, and The Trashcan Man debuts!

Loved the artwork yet again. Mike Perkins nails a lot of the scenery in New York, especially one of the more tense scenes in the story – the journey through the Lincoln Tunnel. I can still remember how tightly wound I was as Larry made his way through it, bypassing bodies and abandoned vehicles.

Randall Flagg lingers is in this issue as he begins assembling his army. His interactions with Lloyd Henreid were spot on and his sporadic appearances in the nightmares of a select few were creepy and unsettling – just the way I like it!

I’m really enjoying this adaptation and feel it’s easily doing my all time favorite novel the justice it deserves. Big things are still yet to come but the crucial scenes that have already happened were executed perfectly – I have no reason to doubt the author and illustrator moving forward.

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