The Stand: Soul Survivors

The Stand: Soul Survivors

Nick Andros continues on his trek across America, stumbling across Tom Cullen, a mentally handicapped survivor of the plague. While the two aren’t exactly compatible at first, they soon realize that they’re important to one another after two near death experiences. We’re also catching up on Larry Underwood’s journey as he meets up with Nadine Cross and her much younger companion.

Stu Redman collides with Frannie and Harold as they’re on their way to Vermont. Harold holds his ground as he’s not exactly willing to trust a stranger but an event later on brings the group closer together.

Not exactly a focal point this time around, the Dark Man’s influence and appearances in the character’s nightmares still lingers in the background. However, word is spreading that he’s assembling an army.

Volume 3 is a good bridging gap between the installments. There are a few important developments but nothing quite as jarring as a few scenes from the first two volumes. I will say that the gore is certainly in full force this time around – especially during a violent confrontation involving Frannie, Harold and Stu as they face down a roadblock created by murders and rapists.

With 3 volumes left and a hell of a lot story to tell, I am a little worried with how they’re going to bring it to us, the constant readers. With how well they’ve adapted the story so far, it’s hard not to have faith.

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