Storm Warning

Lance Storm’s Storm Warning

Lance Evers (Storm) was one of the first professional wrestlers to have his own weekly blog independent of any organization he had been performing for. He would often either write about his day to day experiences in the industry or he would travel back in time and tell stories about breaking into the business.

Collected within this Amazon Kindle exclusive e-book, Lance selected what he felt were his best commentaries posted between 1999 and 2001 when he worked for both ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) and WCW (World Championship Wrestling).

Where Storm Front succeeds over other wrestling books is that it does not suffer from revisionist history. Given how ECW and WCW ended up (both folded in early 2001), it would be easy for a performer to look back and give all these reasons why the writing was on the wall concerning both promotions’ ultimate failure. Lance gave us what his straightforward thoughts were at the time of his employment and seemed like a pretty content guy within both organizations.

As you work your way into the book, you can really see the progression of Lance as a writer. Some of the earlier installments were a little rough and paced oddly. Slowly but surely, Lance found his way by letting his sense of humor shine through. There were more than a few occasions where I laughed out loud!

I had to deduct a star because it really could have benefited from a proof reader. There are a lot of spelling errors and incorrect usage of words that hadn’t been detected by the spell checker. While that may sound like a downer, the stories within here are still pretty great. Being a fan of pro wrestling as long as I have (approx. 22 years), I can’t get enough of the behind the scenes stuff. Reading about wrestling “ribs” (backstage pranks) will always make me happy.

*I also wanted to note that this was the first book I’ve read on my Blackberry Playbook. While I still prefer my e-ink Kobo Wi-Fi for e-books, the option to switch to a black background with white writing was really nice. I found reading with a backlit white screen burned my eyes out quicker than usual.

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