Y: The Last Man – Unmanned

Y: The Last Man Vol. 1

All the men are dead.

Yorick Brown remains after a mysterious virus eliminates every last thing with a Y chromosome. While he’s expected to do his part in figuring out why he survived, he’s mainly concerned with finding his would-be fiancé in the outback of Australia.

This would be my first experience in reading a graphic novel where the main character isn’t flying/swinging/driving around in spandex. For my first foray into the non-superhero genre, I probably couldn’t have chosen a better series. Not only does it hold a pretty solid spot on most top graphic novel lists, it comes highly recommended by a lot of trusted friends. 

It’s interesting to see exactly what would happen if the world were suddenly devoid of men. I mean, we are pretty important, right ladies? I kid, I kid. I was actually shocked with how quickly the world was turned upside down. I almost thought that the author was basically saying that women wouldn’t even know what to do, then quickly remembered the sheer amount of work it would take in just disposing of the roughly 2.8 billion bodies.

There’s lots going on in this opener but it never feels cluttered. We’re following Yorick, we’re following the slowly re-established US government, we’re following a cult of extremist females named The Amazons and the leader of an Israeli militant group. There’s enough here to keep you interested. When I tossed down the first book, I immediately wanted to pick up the next. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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