Y: The Last Man – Cycles

Y: The Last Man Vol. 2

This series is shaping up to be one of my all time favorites.

When we last left Yorick, he was trying to travel across the United States with the help of Agent 355 and Dr. Mann. This is especially difficult when most roadways are blocked with abandoned vehicles and other large obstacles. Therefore, the best route of travel? Train. The trip is interrupted quickly when attacked by a gang of women separate from the Amazons. Once again, their journey is thrown into disarray. To go any further in the plot description would throw some major spoilerific elements your way, so I’ll stop right here.

Going back to that opening sentence of mine – I really hated putting that in there. I mean, I’ve only just finished the 2nd book (of ten)! However, I honestly feel that way. In the second collection, we are given a whole hell of a lot of character development and story progression. Not only are we witness to several high anxiety confrontations but A LOT of revelations as well. All of these characters stay interesting especially considering Brian K. Vaughn just keeps throwing more people at us. You never get that feeling that Vaughn is trying to stretch the story out in a way that’s not needed – length for the sake of it.

It probably goes without saying, but the artwork is fantastic. It plays out like watching a great action movie. Pia Guerra does an excellent job displaying Vaughn’s vision with quick cutting and suspense building images.

I have high hopes for the remainder of this series. The only problem in getting these from my local library is waiting until the next one is available. Probably should have done the smart thing and taken them out all at once.

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