The Stand – No Man’s Land

The Stand Vol. 5

In No Man’s Land, Harold’s turn to the dark man has come full circle as his plan comes to fruition.  With Nadine by his side, Harold enlists the power of explosives to attempt to bring about the demise of the Free Zone Committee.  Meanwhile, the search for Mother Abigail continues as her mysterious disappearance causes several of the townsfolk to worry about her ability to survive the elements.

This is a pretty important volume.  So much happens within these 136 pages and surprisingly, it moves along at a brisk pace without feeling cramped and rushed.

Obviously, a lot is lost here when you’re transferring an incredibly long and detailed novel into a story telling medium that relies so heavily on one person’s depictions of events and characters.  Luckily, they’ve chosen an excellent artist who really works well with facial expression and body language.

I felt that Harold’s turn to evil was handled well, especially after his penultimate moment and the way he presents himself to Nadine – some chilling stuff there.

The final volume is obviously going to be very heavy on Vegas and Flagg’s camp so needless to say, I’m excited.  Flagg is probably my favorite literary villain and I’m excited to see how this crew manages to depict the ending.

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