The Stand – Hardcases

The Stand Vol. 4

I flip-flopped back and forth between what to rate this but ultimately decided on a 4. In fact, I think 2012 has been the year that I’ve awarded the most 4 star reviews. I guess that’s what happens when you stay within the lines of what you’re primarily expected to enjoy.

Finally, we’ve arrived in Boulder and a new United States of America beings to slowly take form. Many are beginning to be made aware of a growing army within Nevada, ruled by The Dark Man, so preparations must be made. In this volume, Aguirre-Sacasa concentrates mainly on the formation of the ad-hoc committee in Boulder as everything from corpse removal to restoring the power must be organized before winter sets in.

Harold Lauder starts to slowly turn to The Dark Man for acceptance and guidance as his hatred flows through him into the pages of his secret ledger. However, Harold isn’t the only rotten apple in town as Nadine Cross shows signs that her faith may not be within Mother Abagail but rather that of Randall Flagg.

Hardcases concentrates in the development of the opposing civilizations with the promise of battle on the horizon. Flagg, while a known evil, seems to have happier followers whereas those in Boulder are not without conflict.

I really enjoyed this collection but annoyed that I’ve now caught up and have nothing else in the series to read. The remaining installments cannot come fast enough. Then again, it’s not like I’m not aware of how this ends or anything.

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