Batman: Mad Love

Paul Dini's Mad Love

Paul Dini’s Mad Love

If you’re a fan of the 90s animated series and haven’t read this collection then what’s wrong with you? Don’t be like me and wait years and years to crack the pages of this glorious book.

Contained within this compilation is the headlining, “Mad Love” in which we’re treated to the origin story of Harley Quinn, Joker’s obsessive girlfriend. After many flashbacks, Harley plans to once and for all end the one constant distraction in her relationship with the clown prince of crime – Batman!

Mad Love is spectacular! It felt like I had stepped into a time machine when I started reading. It took me back to the tender age of eight as I sat on my living room floor watching Batman take out the bad guys in the animated series. This was a group of adventures and stories that I had never known.

The other stories are also excellent including a particularly heartbreaking Two Face story as well as an awesome Christmas tale. I very much doubt that the average Batman fan can find anything within these pages to dislike, especially when you have writer Paul Dini once again teaming with artist Bruce Timm.

2 thoughts on “Batman: Mad Love

  1. Oh, it’s excellent! After you read it, you should check out Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast where he talks to the writer, Paul Dini. They talk about the book and how they had to write around censors for certain parts.

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