Chris Jericho's Undisputed

Chris Jericho’s Undisputed

For the longest time, Foley was the undisputed “king” of pro wrestling memoirs and deservedly so, until Chris Jericho’s A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex was released in 2007 – Jericho began giving Foley a run for his money. Now, in 2011, Chris Jericho gives us his follow up, Undisputed.

In the 2nd part of what appears to be at minimum, a 3 part memoir, Jericho shares some backstage stories, his ventures into Hollywood, touring with Fozzy and tales of fatherhood. All of which, are just as entertaining as anything he’s written about the wrestling business.

Picking up where A Lion’s Tale finishes, Jericho is about to walk through the curtain debuting in WWE. What follows are his trials and tribulations having to basically “start over” in a new company, earning the respect of the boys in the back while establishing his character in a new market. Upon reading about his early days in WWE, I had no idea he had to work so hard to move through the political waters. Popular consensus was that WCW was a wasteland of backstage politics and scheduling as most workers often say the WWE experience isn’t even comparable.

For some reason, I expected to want to skim over the other aspects of his life (i.e. those not involving wrestling). I can’t say why I thought this but I can tell you without hyperbole, that would be a huge mistake. Jericho writes with such passion in regards to all aspects of his life that it’s all entertaining – every bit of it.

Keeping this rather short, if you’re a fan of pro wrestling, both this and Jericho’s first memoir should be considered required reading. You would be doing yourself a great disservice by not picking this up.

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