Storm Front

Lance Storm's Storm Front

Lance Storm’s Storm Front

Lance Storm returns with a second collection of commentaries taken from his long running website,  This time around, we’re picking up just as Lance has arrived in WWE and continue straight through to his retirement as a full-time performer in 2004.

As a lot of these commentaries were written shortly after or in the midst of certain events, Lance offers up several introductions and bonus content in order to help give the reader some perspective.

While he doesn’t offer up as many stories from his past, he does not fail to disappoint.  Lance throws in a few tales surrounding his entrance into WWE via the WCW Invasion story line.  He also does an ample amount of complaining about travel and the airline industry, something that was front and center in his last collection as well.  While it can at times feel a little repetitive, Lance finds ways to make it entertaining.  When you’re a pro wrestler and most of your life consists of traveling from point A to point B, it must become tiresome.  Blowing off some steam by sharing your woes with the fans is as good a way as any to deal with it.  Half the fun of being a wrestling fan comes from hearing about what happens when the cameras stop rolling and how the performers keep themselves entertained.

I found myself becoming a little frustrated at times seeing Lance misused so often throughout his WWE career.  The guy is easily one of the most solid in-ring technicians I’ve ever seen and can often put on a great match.  Unfortunately for Storm, WWE didn’t seem to know how to utilize him outside of frequent tag teams.  I’m not saying his WWE career was a waste, I’m not able to judge that.  I just know that given the opportunity, Lance could have really made a mark on the main event scene.

As much as I enjoyed reading Storm’s two collections, it made me really hunger for a full autobiography.  He alludes to working on one during a few of the commentaries but as of yet, nothing has surfaced.  Here’s hoping he hasn’t quite given up on the idea – I’d love to read it.

** On a side note: Lance recalls one of the best live experiences I’ve had as a wrestling fan.  He wrote about a show he performed in for WWE in Halifax around early 2004.  He had appeared in the opening match teaming with Val Venis against two up-and-comers.  The crowd that night, myself included, were extremely happy to see Lance compete and let him know it.  It’s nice to know that events like that can stick with a performer long after they’ve happened.

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