Locke & Key Omega: Issue #5

Locke & Key Omega #5

Locke & Key Omega #5

OK, so bear with me here as this is my first attempt at reviewing a single issue. I guess if you’re one of the many people who wait for the series to end before picking up a collected graphic novel, I suppose I should let you know that spoilers may be ahead. If not, make sure you’re up to date before reading this review!

When we last left the Locke kids, Kinsey and several of her classmates were being held captive by her recently possessed little brother Bode and an army of shadow monsters. Having taken the body of Bode, Dodge is closer than ever to unleashing Hell on earth. Unfortunately, their would-be-saviors Duncan and the eldest brother Tyler, have hit a little snag in the form of a gunshot wound to Tyler’s stomach. Can Tyler and Duncan make it in time to save Kinsey and company or will Dodge get one step closer to his goal?

The Locke family are standing before their biggest challenge yet as Hill has raised the stakes. Everyone has put all their chips on the table and we’re about to see who takes home the pot. Will it be Dodge and his army of murderous shadow monsters or will the Locke kids prevail? When the dust settled on issue five, it felt as if Hill had instilled a hopelessness akin to “The Empire Strikes Back” with the good guys on the ropes. You’ve got to wonder what’s planned for the final two issues.

That being said, I have this bad feeling that Joe Hill is going to go all “George R.R. Martin” and go on a killing spree. There’s a lot of death in this issue and while I won’t spoil it and list off those who meet their expiration date, be prepared to be surprised (is this possible?). The stage is being set for Hill and Rodriguez’s final two issues and with the way things are going, you’re not going to be disappointed. The only complaint? We’re going to have to wait until August to get the next issue!

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