Deadpool: X Marks The Spot

X Marks The Spot

X Marks The Spot

X Marks The Spot is divided into two stories.

The first one picks up after Deadpool comes into a butt load of money and for whatever reason, buys a nuclear submarine.  Mistaking it for a boat, he abandons it believing it sank.  Now, he’s decided he wants to be a pirate!  So he purchases a small ship and outfits it with weapons.  Bringing on his buddy Bob as his crew, Deadpool forces him to don a giant parrot costume and act as his trusty talking companion.  Hi-jinks ensue!

The second one involves Deadpool feeling like he has no friends, companions or allies.  After seeing Cyclops on television speaking about a new mutant-friendly Utopia off the coast of the United States, he sees a place where he may finally belong.  However, after initially being rejected by the X-Men, Deadpool feels the need to prove to them that he belongs in their ranks.


Both of these stories were pretty damn entertaining.  However it’s the second story that truly deserves praise.  Deadpool wants to be a part of the X-Men so badly that he’ll do almost anything – including silencing anyone with an axe to grind against them.  Unfortunately for Deadpool, no one wants this.  But when was the last time Deadpool listened to anyone anyway?

I was relieved when I looked around online and noticed that most people also hated the cover art.  It’s certainly not an accurate representation of the high quality stuff on the inside.  I’m often confused by the concept of someone other than the book’s artist supplying a cover for a book.  This was just an all around bad choice.  It’s OK, I guess – it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

As much as Deadpool wants to feel like the star of this here book, I’d give it to the 372,844 pancakes that he cooks.  Awesome.

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