The Posthumous Man

The Posthumous Man

The Posthumous Man

Elliot Spilling wakes up in a hospital to discover he succeeded in killing himself.  Well, for three minutes anyway.  A chance encounter with a nurse leads to Elliot injecting himself into a plan to steal millions in drugs from a hospital shipment.  Will Elliot and his new found associates reap the rewards of a successful plan or will everything come crashing down around them?

Having just finished Jake Hinkson’s first novel, Hell on Church Street, I was hungry for more.  Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait.  For a criminally low price, Hinkson’s follow-up The Posthumous Man is available as an e-book on the Kindle Store.  Coming in at a brisk 148 pages, Hinkson takes us to a small town in Arkansas shortly before a gang of wannabe heisters steal a load of Oxy to earn a cool two million dollars.  Comprised of a bankrupt businessman, a cop and his twin brother, a nurse and a man recovering from a failed suicide attempt, there’s no way the plan can fail!

In an attempt to avoid spoilers – and believe me, with the way this novel turns out, the less you know the better – I’ll leave it at that.  Hinkson uses his talent for creating likable scumbag characters by throwing out this rag-tag collection of losers you can’t help but root for.  Even when everything is falling apart, you’ll still pulling for a victory.

Just like with Hell on Church Street, the violence is swift and coarse.  There’s no sugar coating anything here – Hinkson rips open a wound and forces you to look at it.  It’s good to know that after reading crime fiction for all these years, there are still authors out there that can shock me with a certain way of writing brutality.

If you’re looking for a rapid read that’s hard to put down, look no further than Hinkson’s The Posthumous Man.

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