Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig

Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig

You can say what you want about Miriam but you could never take away the fact that above all else, she’s true to herself.  So when Ms. Black knows something’s not working out for her, she turns tail and seeks out a more desirable environment.  Unfortunately for Louis, settling down with him in a tin coffin of a trailer isn’t exactly her idea of heaven on Earth.
It isn’t long until Miriam is on the road again and back in the hot seat.  While using her “gift” as a favor to see just how a friend of a friend is going to kick the bucket, Miriam is unexpectedly thrown into the hunt for a serial killer with his eyes on young girls.  Can Miriam put a stop to his murderous ways?

I knew the second I closed the book on Blackbirds, I had to get my greedy little hands on its sequel, Mockingbird.  There were more than enough reviews out there that suggested that not only would I be pleased with the follow-up but that it may be better than the original.  Having given Blackbirds an easy 5 stars, there really wasn’t anywhere Wendig could take this series for me but down.  Not only was I rewarded for having faith in ol’ Chuck, I finished this one with the very same hunger for book three.

Miriam’s adversaries this time around are just as dangerous, if not more so than those in Blackbirds.  Seeing as Wendig plays things pretty close to the chest until nearly the end, it’d be rotten of me to share details that could lead to spoilers.  Trust me, when the motives behind the killings are revealed, it’s a doozy.  They also just about destroy Miriam on several occasions, leaving her broken, beaten and scarred.  Mockingbird is as violent and vulgar as its predecessor and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chuck Wendig may just be one of the most exciting writers out there right now.  Between his Miriam Black series and the recently created Mookie Pearl series (The Blue Blazes) as well as a slew of other novels, he’s an author you need to have on your radar.

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