Hockey Confidential

Hockey Confidential by Bob McKenzie

Hockey Confidential by Bob McKenzie

When Bob McKenzie decided to write his first book about the National Hockey League, he chose to do so in a rather unexpected way.  Rather than write about his years of experience covering the game, he shone the spotlight on those who sit outside the game; a select few who through their actions, influence the way the game is played and talked about in today’s modern era.

This was an easy book to digest and despite the array of topics, I was never overwhelmed with information.  McKenzie did a great job choosing interesting topics that cover a wide spectrum of the hockey industry.  Featured are stories about near death experiences, Don Cherry’s work with minor hockey, the rise of advanced statistics, Tragically Hip front man Gord Downie’s love of the Boston Bruins, and so much more.

With hockey, I’ll never consider myself a hardcore fan of the game.  I’d like to think I’m a notch above the casual fan and while I do follow it closely, I don’t live and die by the day-to-day operations of the hockey world.  Sure, I love my Maple Leafs and I enjoy catching a game or two every now and then but I’m finding I enjoy the inner-workings and the behind the scenes aspects of the industry just as much as the story the players tell on the ice during those sixty minutes of action.  In Hockey Confidential, McKenzie presents an equal balance of both that leads to an immensely readable book.

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