Daredevil Volume Seven

Daredevil Vol. 7

Daredevil Vol. 7

Has Matt Murdock lost his mind by accepting the position of lead prosecutor in a case against the dangerous hate group Sons of Serpent?  Many would agree.  While Matt seemingly knows what he’s up against, has he picked a fight he can’t possibly win?

This is a strange volume.  While there are some memorable scenes showing attorney Matt Murdock at his absolute best, you have some weird stuff involving classic movie monsters being chased by angry villagers.  I get what Waid is going for here with regard to racism, but it felt too goofy in my opinion.  Comics are serious business!

Matt’s feeble attempts to persuade the public that he isn’t Daredevil haven’t been working (surprise, surprise) and in a bold move, makes a decision that will change his life forever – as both Matt Murdock and Daredevil.  Throughout this and the previous six volumes, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee have breathed new life into a character who had been treading water for quite some time.

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