Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?

Damn!  Why Did I Write This Book? by JTG

Damn! Why Did I Write This Book? by JTG

In a world filled with long-winded, self-indulgent memoirs, Jayson Paul’s (a.k.a. JTG) “Damn!  Why Did I Write This Book?” is an interesting experience.  If you’re like me and really buy these books for all the wacky backstage antics, you’re certainly not going to be disappointed.  The bulk of JTG’s brief sixty page magnum opus takes the reader through the insane world of professional wrestling and its ridiculous backstage politics.  While JTG doesn’t exactly name names, wrestling fans should be able to figure out who he’s speaking about at any given moment.

While I understand that this is just one man’s side to several instances that occurred behind the curtain, it doesn’t shock me to hear just how petty some of the performers can be.  Without the protection of a union, everyone on the roster has to make sure they maintain their spot on the card and because of this, it creates an ultra-competitive environment backstage.  Basically, if someone decides that they just plain do not like you, you’ll find yourself having a hard time changing their mind.

JTG’s book isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind but I’m sure that wasn’t his intent.  It doesn’t carry the weight of a Bret Hart, Mick Foley or Chris Jericho biography but above all else, it should serve as a warning to those looking to get into the wrestling business.  Despite their recent partnership with the Be-A-Star Alliance (an organization founded to put an end to bullying), it appears that the boys in the back didn’t get the memo.

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