Writing the Novel from Plot to Print to Pixel

Writing the Novel from Plot to Print to Pixel by Lawrence Block

Writing the Novel from Plot to Print to Pixel by Lawrence Block

Back in 1978, Lawrence Block released a book detailing his advice for prospective novelists.  Now, nearly forty years later, while much of the material is still relevant, Block decided to add and expand the text with the digital world in mind.  Now dubbed, “Writing the Novel: From Plot to Print to Pixel”, Block’s gives important information for both amateur and professional authors alike by offering guidance in moving through the fields of writing and publication.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This marks only the second book I’ve read to date about writing – the first being Stephen King’s On Writing – and just like King’s, Block’s tips mirror those of several other authors whose advice I’ve taken in: you have to write for yourself first and most importantly, there’s no ONE way to approach the craft.

Applying the lessons within Writing the Novel isn’t like picking up a cookbook and producing a perfect meal, but rather taking what’s offered and using it to form your own routine, your own method of attack when it comes to forming a story.  When it comes to the sections on both seeking publication as well as approaching self-publishing, the direction offered is invaluable.  Block knows both worlds well and it shows in the details he offers up regarding the pros and cons of each option.

Being a prospective writer myself, I found this book informative and would recommend it to anyone looking to venture into the literary world.  It’s given me renewed interest and has me eager to apply what I’ve learned.

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