Top 5 Reads in 2016

top5in2016Dark Matter
This book absolutely blew me away.  Given that people were rather secretive on the overall plot by throwing out testimonials like, “Just read this, you won’t regret it”, how could I pass it up?  Keeping in the tradition of the aforementioned praise, I will continue to refrain from spoiling the events in Crouch’s 2016 blockbuster but will only say, “drop what you’re doing and get this book now.”
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Red Right Hand
Chris Holm returns with “Red Right Hand”, a sequel to his Anthony Award winning novel “The Killing Kind.”  Red Right Hand takes everything that was great about its predecessor and turns the volume up to eleven (Nigel Tufnel would be proud).  If you like your crime fiction filled with action, espionage, bone-crunching violence and well-developed characters, this one is for you.

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Pet Sematary
Yes, this book was originally released in 1983 but I didn’t read it until 2016, so I’m putting it on this list.  To date, I’ve read thirty-two Stephen King books/comics/short stories and while The Stand remains my favorite, Pet Sematary has provided me the most unnerving reading experience yet.  Sure, the idea of an ancient Indian burial ground is spooky enough, but King’s insertion of a tragic death and the lengths one man will go to, to piece together his broken family puts it over the top.

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Homicide: Life on The Streets
Like Pet Sematary, this book was released decades ago but because I read it this year, I’ve putting it on the list baby.  David Simon is probably more known for being the creator behind arguably the two greatest crime dramas in TV history – Homicide and The Wire.  Before moving into television, Simon was a journalist for the Baltimore Sun and in 1988, spent a whole year shadowing the Homicide Unit of the Baltimore PD.  The result became an Edgar Award winning epic that sits near the top of the true crime genre.

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You Will Know Me

I think it’s a safe assumption to say that I will never tire of Megan Abbott’s suburban noir.  Her latest, You Will Know Me, showcases the dark undercurrent of competitive gymnastics and what parents will do to protect the dreams of their children.  If you’ve read Abbott’s work in the past, you’ll know about her tendencies to produce bleak, memorable fiction with characters that stick with you long after the final page.  You Will Know Me is no different and the Knox family are one of her more noteworthy creations.

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Honorable mentions to all the Dennis Lehane and James S.A. Corey novels I read this year.  Couldn’t pick just one from the Expanse or the Kenzie & Genaro series’.

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