She-Hulk: Law & Disorder

She-Hulk: Law & Disorder

She-Hulk: Law & Disorder

After discovering her employer only hired her as a publicity stunt, Jennifer Walters (a.k.a. She-Hulk) leaves to open her own practice.  Unfortunately, her green skin kind of makes it impossible to hide that she’s a superhero and because of this, she begins racking up enemies quicker than a hiccup.

As with most collections, this volume deals with a few different stories.  First up, we have She-Hulk taking a case for the immigration of Kristoff Vernard, the now estranged son of notorious bad guy and nefarious dictator Dr. Doom.  Following that, She-Hulk teams up with Hell-Cat in an attempt to track down and discover the contents of a mysterious file that potentially holds damaging information to the Marvel universe.

The first story was the better of the two as it led to some pretty hilarious moments including a showdown with a giant mechanical Doom-Bot.  The second was unfortunately saddled with some pretty atrocious artwork from Ron Wimberly that sort of killed the momentum of the book.  It’s a real pity because I felt the story itself was decent.  I mean, the writer of the series is an actual lawyer!  You can’t get any more qualified than that.

Despite being a comic about immigration law, it was pretty fun!  Looking forward to book two.

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