The Stand – The Night Has Come

The Stand Vol. 6

Do endless nightmares got you down? 

Still fretting over Captain Trips? 

Worrying about starting a family but afraid that your eventual child may die upon birth because they’re not immune to the terrible disease that nearly brought about the end of the human race?

Well, have we got some news for you! We’re pleased to announce the grand re-opening of Las Vegas! That’s right, take your mind off the end of the world and pamper yourself with some well deserved “me time”.

You didn’t think a pesky thing like the apocalypse could keep the entertainment capital of the world down for long did you? Oh, but this isn’t your father’s Vegas, no sir. Here’s some new features that is sure to blow you away!

* Tours of our new weapons division – Experience first hand the growing power of the Las Vegas army!

* Fireworks daily by our own pyrotechnician, Donald “Trashcan Man” Elbert. – “Trashy” (as he likes to be called) can produce explosions the likes of which you’ve never seen!

* Public Crucifixions!

* And so much more!

I bet you’re wondering how much an extravagant trip like this would cost? $1000? No. $2000? NO. $5000? Not even close. What if I told you this amazing trip would leave your wallet untouched? That’s right sir, this is FREE** Book your trip now!***

**Entrance into Las Vegas requires your endless and limitless support of Randall Flagg (a.k.a. “The Dark Man”, a.k.a. “The Walkin’ Dude”, a.k.a “The Tall Man”). Visitors must sign over their soul for all of eternity. Re-entry not permitted. Visitors must stay on the grounds at all time.

*** Offer not extended to residents of the Boulder Free Zone. 


I really enjoyed this final volume. I was worried that too much was left for the last book but it certainly didn’t feel that way. I was really interested in how they were going to present the ending. It’s certainly a unique situation and having seen the mini-series version coupled what I envisioned while reading King’s actual book, Perkins art really nailed it.

I must say I’m impressed with how Marvel handled the comic adaptation. Gives me hope for their Dark Tower books. Once I finally finish that series, I plan on giving those a try.

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