Reckless (Reckless #1) – Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips

Ethan Reckless is a guy you call when you’re in a jam; a jam where the cops cannot be called. Working out of an old theatre in the heart of Los Angeles, we join Ethan as he’s struggling to make ends meet with business having dried up. Out of the blue, Ethan receives a call from an old acquaintance who fears for her life. Reckless agrees to help her pro-bono, much to the chagrin of his business partner. But is it as straight-forward as his client suggests or is Ethan walking into a funhouse maze with no easy way out?

I can’t say enough about the work of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. I can’t say for certain, but I don’t believe I’ve read a single collaboration of theirs I haven’t enjoyed. RECKLESS is no different. For a guy who already loves pulpy, crime fiction from the likes of Hard Case Crime, this one was right up my alley. The duo have packed the pages from cover to cover with dangers around seemingly every corner that entice brawling bloodbaths and explosions galore.

Like always, the artwork is on point and the characters seemed plucked from the era (1980s) with believable dialogue and actions – even if some of their motivations are suspect. I’m almost certain Brubaker could make just about anything he writes relatable in some way. I mean, who doesn’t struggle with the weight of past decisions and how they’ve affected your life either for better, or worse, years down the road? All those involved here are running from something in their former lives.

Brubaker and Phillips have set themselves up well to get a mountain of material out of their new anti-hero. With three books planned, I’m looking forward to getting back into that dusty old theatre alongside Reckless for another ride through the backstreets of LA.

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